Products - Bollards & Road Blockers

Bollards are important to regulate traffic and manage parking facilities for vehicles of all types. Bft has an extensive range of bollards and has developed specific technology for a variety of purposes. The bollard range is suitable for both public and private environments, it includes:

- fixed bollards, complementing more complex solutions; 
- semi-automatic bollards, released manually using a specific key which operates a gas spring.
- Automatic bollards; raised and lowered electromechanically or hydraulically, useful wherever vehicle access control is essential; 
The products in this category are assessed by impact strength which is particularly important in public and private environments. This feature helps to ensure that the bollard continues to be effective even after a collision.


The motorized platforms, in general called road blockers, use electrohydraulic movement and are available in two different mechanical toughness and different lenghts, in order to meet all market requirements, from company driveways to the highest level of anti-terrorism protection. Many optionals items are available for PILOMAT ROAD BLOCKER in order to configure each individual system. PILOMAT ROAD BLOCKERS are built at “low outline” for limiting the depth of the basement compartment underground and to avoid the main problems of laying in presence of public services (cables ducts, drainage systems, and similar); moreover it is possible to install the road blocker “on ground level” by using a slope.


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